Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing Services

Our Mobile App Testing Services comprises a wide range of testing types including functional, compatibility, usability, performance and security testing services. Our team of testing engineers are well equipped with the intricacies of Mobile Application Testing Services and dedicate themselves to validate all aspects of your app, thoroughly. As a Mobile App Testing Company, we deliver exceptional results within specified time and budgets.

Mobile Testing Services

Mobile Testing Services: Ensuring Quality Across Platforms and Devices

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Cross Platform Mobile Apps:

At Inevitable Infotech, our skilled testers specialize in testing your mobile
application and validating its quality across multiple operating system versions.
This way, our App Testing services delivers high-performing cross-platform mobile
apps, guaranteeing a superior user experience.

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Native Mobile Application:

Through Native Mobile Application testing, our testing engineers validate the
functionality of your mobile app on a particular platform. We offer Application
Testing Services that optimize your app’s performance based on device-specific
hardware and software requirements.

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Mobile Web Applications:

At Inevitable Infotech, we run mobile browser testing for those apps that cater to a
wider range or users regardless of its platform. Our Mobile App Testing Services
include testing mobile web apps across browsers for smartphones & tablets. This
way, our testing engineers can ensure optimal performance, compatibility, high-
quality and user-friendly mobile web apps.

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Tailored Mobile App Testing Services: Customized Solutions to Fit Your App's Requirements

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Mobile App Functional Testing

As one of the leading App Testing Company, our team of experts conduct a dedicated examination of your app through functional testing. It includes testing input and output, user interaction, data manipulation, system’s response and other services.

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Mobile App Performance Testing

When it comes to performance testing, our Mobile Application Testing Services
include identifying and addressing issues relating to stress, load, scalability or
reliability. We even conduct backend performance testing for large-scale
applications like banking apps, e-stores, multiplayer gaming apps, and more.

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Mobile App Accessibility Testing

For mobile app accessibility testing, our team offers comprehensive testing
services to ensure your app is in compliance with WCAG 2.1, ADA standards. We also examine if your app is user-friendly for people with disabilities, or any other specific requirements.

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Mobile App Compatibility Testing

To test the compatibility of a particular application, our dedicated team of expert
testers ensure that the mobile application is flawlessly functioning across all target
devices, screen sizes, versions, operating systems, and mobile browsers.

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Mobile App Compliance Testing

Our Mobile Application Testing Company offers various services to ensure that your application adheres to official iOS and Android guidelines, as well as industry-specific regulations such as GAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

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Mobile App User Experience Testing

Last but not the least, our testing engineers also offer first hand mobile app user experience testing to ensure the application offers a smooth user interface. Our testers step into the shoes of a real life user to examine all of the app's features. It ensures accurate feedback and recommendation to improve the app’s functionality for a better user experience.

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Our Approach as a Trusted Mobile Testing Company


Understand the Project Requirements

Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with the clients understanding the specific needs of the mobile application, its goals, target audience and devices, functionality, and more.


Crafting device Selection and Allocation

Depending on the requirements and the statistics of the target region and target user audience, we will then select specific devices to ensure reasonable device coverage. Then our mobile testing experts work side-by-side with our project team
to build an effective strategy. These testing activity strategies define the scenarios that controls the beginning, resuming, postponing, or topping of the testing process.


After the selection process, our mobile testing team will  collaborate with the project team to strategize testing activities and define scenarios permitting start, postpone, resume or stop the testing process.


Perform Testing

This is where performing the tests begin and the outcome of every test is observed and recorded. Once our team has identified bugs, loopholes, or other risk factors, they then send their reports to the assigned project manager and the developers.


Evaluating Testing Outcomes

As our final step in the process, we utilize the data gathered from the tests performed and evaluate the steps required to improve the functionality of your mobile application.


Blueprinting Test Cases

Once the conditions are set along with your project milestone, our mobile testing engineers will then design suitable test cases and draft test suites.

Why Choose Us as a Reliable Mobile App Testing Company?

Customized Approach:

At Inevitable Infotech, our team of skilled professionals prioritize a customized approach for each project and client. We are a bunch of highly adaptable people, who can efficiently deal with newer challenges, and can come up with innovative solutions to make a mobile application highly improved before its release.

Highly Skilled Professionals:

Our team comprises dynamic people with an exceptional depth in multiple industries and domains. Due to this advantage, we always draft solutions around any kind of pitfall, loophole or potential risk before the release of your application.

Latest Tools and Infrastructure:

We are always up-to-date with the latest tools and softwares. As a huge part of our approach lies in providing a vast device coverage, our mobile testers are always accustomed with the latest versions of the popular OS, mobile platforms, screen size, and more factors.

Clear Communication:

Even though we are pretty serious about our work, it is our clients who are always owning the ultimate control. From our first step to the last step, our clients are always kept updated and informed about the test progress, new findings, risk factors, and anything else that comes up during our mobile testing.

On Time Delivery:

So far you must have understood how proactive our mobile testing engineers are! Inevitably, their hard work, availability and ability to think outside the box ensures on time delivery of desired results for undelayed releases in the marketplace.

Customer Centric:

Lastly, we cannot stress on it enough how we treat every project as a different individual. Which is why our framework is very customer friendly, prioritizing superior functionality and smoother user experience.

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